How To Build Unbreakable Confidence To Heal Your Spirit.

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We, often, settle for less and don’t get involved in life. With passion, power, and purpose, and choose to sit on the side-lines instead. Those who lead a joyous, fulfilling life hold the power. To create their own happiness and circumstances, owing to their passion and hard work. It is important for us to diagnose and to build unbreakable confidence. If we’ve allowed life’s circumstances and setbacks to affect us. Influence our actions and moods or frustrate us. 

If we find the answers to be positive. We can conclude that we are like many other people, who often react to their situations. By internalizing their external environment or reality. We must consider the question, ‘Is there anything holding me back from stepping into my powers?’ Our minds, naturally, keep churning with thoughts. Which of course is pretty normal and definitely not a bad thing. Yet, if most of these thoughts tend to be negative. They definitely affect our actions and beliefs. 

Try to segregate your thoughts

We all can relate that occasionally while we try to sleep, or just lying on the bed. Our minds run wild and all the unnecessary,  anxious thoughts come rushing in. We try to sleep, but end up brainstorming about n’ numbers of situations in a hope of resolving them. It certainly makes us tired. The next day, since we’re too occupied with our thoughts and fail to give our minds some rest.

It is really worth to invest time in the process of learning how to silence one’s negative thoughts. And let our positive side of the mind lead the way. It is important to segregate our thoughts. And follow that part of our mind which directs us to a peaceful and happy life. Besides, we often notice that most of the things that we worry about don’t really happen. Or affect us physically in real life. We lose a lot of our energy to unnecessary negative thoughts. and to heal your soul by making unbreakable confidence.


How To Build Unbreakable Confidence To Heal Your Spirit.
unbreakable confidence.
we should stay stuck-internally.

“The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves  strong.” — Swami Vivekananda 

We, every day, captivate around 75k to 80k thoughts. Most of which are repetitive in nature. A very wonderful practice to quieten our negative thoughts is – mindful meditation. Where we take some time and sit still, take deep breaths. Focus on inhalation and exhalation, and relax our entire body. As we start focusing on our breathing. Lots of our thoughts cease and experience inner peace and confidence.

Simply, acknowledging the emotions and thoughts and letting things float away is sufficient. As a result, To bring peace of mind. This is a simple practice that teaches us to manage our emotional state. And thoughts, rather than being at mercy of our delinquent thoughts and unbreakable confidence.  We must learn to embrace and face our emotions and feelings. Rather than becoming a victim to their erratic nature. In order to step into our powerful self.

We know, that we often have to face situations that are not very optimal. There can be a lot of circumstances that may elicit negative feelings. We need to move forward with these feelings since, they might force us to stay stuck, internally. A lot of people don’t like to feel pain. Therefore they try to squeeze their pain in, as they encounter this emotion and rather try to numb the pain. Such as constant activities, addictions, etc.  These ineffectual coping skills, tend to drain vital energy over time. That might lead to an emotional breakdown. At some point in time, in the near future. 

Start Embracing your good thoughts

Undoubtedly, We can learn to process and embrace our thoughts. And emotions through mindful meditation. It is certainly alright to feel the intensity of our emotions. Whether it be grief, rage, anger,  sadness. Or otherwise, temporarily but we need to allow passage to them. We ultimately need to deal with the feelings and emotions that we have stored for years. We must accept whatever surface by allowing them to reveal themselves through us. 


How To Build Unbreakable Confidence To Heal Your Spirit.
unbreakable confidence.
we should reclaim our wholeness.

“With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in  one’s ability, one can build a better world.” – Dalai Lama 

  • To be able to embrace our emotions. And attend to them would help us to become powerful in many ways. 
  • We grow to be more confident and secure. And achieve peace and happiness. We find joy too. Attain all of these, since, we start processing our emotions rather than ignoring them. A lot of us are taught, at a very young age, to not show their emotions or feelings. Since it is deemed to be epicene.
  • Such people are actually more prone to emotional breakdowns and mid-life crisis. As they’ve been suppressing their emotions for too long. And they eventually erupt. 
  • There is general consensus among experts, that. The more we embrace our negative feelings, the more we can experience positive feelings as well. Therefore, rather than just drifting through life, feeling a little happy. We can actually learn how to honour and embrace our negative emotions. This allows us to experience genuine and abundant joy and unbreakable confidence. 
  • If we look at children, we observe how to play most of the times.  It is rather, only through growing peer, personal and societal pressure. That we embody a state of internal distress and lose our cheerful nature. As we honour our feelings. We eventually learn to express self-love by redeeming our wholeness. Finally, we start not denying any part of us, which allows us to reclaim our step into our marvellous powers. That had been residing in us all along. 
  • The power is within us, just waiting to be claimed. But first, we must let go of the false judgements and unnecessary stereotypical beliefs. That we had been accumulating all these years inside of us. 

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