Top 10 countries will grow after the Global Pandemic CORONA VIRUS

Entrepreneur The New Global Order: The Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On

The Global Pandemic Health Security Index was released and it inspected whether countries across the world. Are prepared to deal with pandemic or epidemic. The topic was propelled into the spotlight in 2014 when an Ebola outbreak devastated parts of West Africa. Killing more than 10,000 people. That prompted many other countries to raise their levels of preparation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has inserted an unrivaled amount of uncertainty into the global economy. As countries across the world battle growing infections, apply wide-ranging social-distancing strategies. And strive for early fiscal interventions to stabilize markets.

The data analysis those preparation extents by focusing on whether countries have established tools in place. To deal with large scale outbreaks of disease. Measurement was based on a scale of 0 to 100 where 100 is the highest level of preparedness. The United States came first, followed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Predictably, higher-income countries tended to record better scores in the index.

This Global Pandemic has speedily affected our day to day life, disrupted the world trade, businesses, and movements. Recognition of the disease at an early stage is indispensable to control the spread of the virus. Because it very quickly spreads from person to person. Most of the countries have slowed down or broken down their manufacturing of the products. These include the solar power sector, pharmaceutical industry, travel and tourism, electronics, and information industry. This virus creates remarkable knock-on effects on the daily life of citizens, as well as about the global economy.


To capture the United States’ wide geographic footprint, the index snaps up the country into. Central, West, and East regions, The US ranks well (9th, 11th, and 22nd, separately) for its low-risk strong supply chain. And the business environment, as a whole. “I think those measures would go a long way towards ultimately setting up the conditions. For a strong recovery,” stated Peter C Earle, he is a research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research.

Containing the Global Pandemic, Corona virus has demonstrated challenging in major metropolitan areas like New York. And unemployment has jumped to historic levels, so far, in large part due to the indispensable shutdowns. More than half of US states, which has specifically hit the restaurant. And retail workers and other businesses that depend on foot traffic. But the US government has moved readily to pass stimulus measures to the stability of the economy. Should minimize the overall impact of the Global Pandemic, allowing for a quicker economic recovery.

To further improvement, the US’ recovery, the presidential administration has suggested dividing the nation. The US’ lack of universal healthcare has been one criticism of the county’s capacity to control. Or to handle the crisis and one that needs to be subscribed for future resiliency.


During this Global Pandemic, central banks in many countries, counting the UK, slashed interest rates. That should, in theory, make borrowing inexpensive and uplift spending to boost the economy.

Global markets have since regained some ground as governments have intervened. But some experts and analysts have warned that they could be explosive. Until fears of a second wave of the pandemic are eased. The U.K. has major and various promising vaccine candidates under development through public and private sector collaborations.


We analyze that this Global Pandemic situation arises many questions for business and its employees. Whether you are already serving the European market from the Netherlands. Or contemplating doing so in the future.

. With questions about the coronavirus. The Dutch association for general practitioners LHV asks on concerned people to first call the national Covid-19 helpline. That helpline is capable enough to reach at 0800-1351. 

If this virus continues to spread in the Netherlands. The government of the Netherlands has solutions ready to take the next step. Prime Minister Mark Rutte persuaded after a crisis meeting on Tuesday. Till the time, the authorities will continue to focus on restrain Covid-19. Schools will stay open in Netherlands and events or festivals can continue as planned, for now, he said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs updated its travel asked for Italy, warning migrants. And travelers to only visit Northern Italy if necessary, RTL Nieuws reports.


According to data, large-scale illness and increased mortality affect the Australian economy in different ways. Supply chains decreased. Companies in Australia, see their cash flows decrease due to lower sales. Sales decreased or the lockdown of non-essential businesses guide them to make cost savings by dismissing workers. Government expenditure is distracted away from public investment to health care and medical facilities moreover, increased unemployment benefits.

Differentiating, the economic effects of the 1918-19 and 2020 Global Pandemic are tough. Because they evolved differently in different economic contexts or different situations. Like, the Spanish flu-related mortality was on peak among younger people. While mortality related to COVID-19 is on peak among older people. In 1918 the economic effects of the flu were twisting with those of the late stages of World War I.

So according to the data, to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in Australia. But even if the infection rate in Australia will be double or exceed that of Italy and Spain. The damages will still be lower than the projection based on 1919 indicates.


So far, nearly seven million Canadians, round about a fifth of the country’s population. Have assisted with an emergency fund accepted by the Government to counter the opposite economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. A note issued by the Parliamentary Budget Office stated that the total could increase by 20 percent. To about 8.5 million using the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Which was announced by the Prime Minister of Canada, named Justin Trudeau? And is scheduled to last four months, starting with March.

The Canadian Armed Forces state minor problems remain in some Ontario for long-term care homes. They were ready or positioned earlier in the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. The Canadian military’s concerns outlined in a report dated 4 August. Include standards of practice in the seven nursing homes and worker skills. The reports assigned many of the problems to inexperienced staff who were readily forced. Or pressed into service in the homes during the pandemic.


The first novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection in Thailand was reported on 13 January 2020. Thailand was the first country outside China to report such an infection.

The Thailand government removed 138 Thailand citizens on 04 February from Wuhan, China. The evacuees arrived at the U-Tapao airport aboard a Thai AirAsia. A day later, the public health ministry set up an emergency operations center. From there, government leaders made the sensible choice to pass the reins to experts.

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