Time Management Tips And Hacks You Need To Learn Immediately

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Time is a very precious thing in our life. Everyone should know the value of time and utilize it accordingly. As time doesn’t wait for anyone. Time always flies, like falling of sand from hand.  We cannot stop it. So, we should respect the time before it is too late. Time never comes back, once it went. We should never underestimate the value of time. As it can affect us negatively. It plays a significant role in our life. If we start valuing it, is ultimately beneficial for our life. Everyone has limited time, and the wise are those who use it wisely. We cannot control time, but we all can manage it. By learning a few time management tips.

Time management is the process of managing time. Or organizing your activities according to the allotted time. It means the allocation of time for various activities. It is the art of utilizing time wisely. Time management helps you in making time more effective. And productive for your daily life activities. Time management helps you to spend your important time on important activities. With time management, you can do your all activities quicker. And better in a smarter way without extra effort.

It will help in balancing your life with daily activities. And will help in you many ways. Time management only works when you emotionally prepare yourself for it. We have to emotionally prepare ourself to compromise with our pleasure. When we start managing our time for various activities. We should not waste any moment of life. People who value time and do their work on time, never get disappointed in their life. 

Benefits of time management: 

Time management is a key to success. Time management helps you in your development. It  benefits you in many ways:

1. More productivity

As we all have limited time. So it is important to utilize it wisely.  People who manage time can do more work in less time in a more effective waY.

2.Reduce stress

When you wisely organize your time for various activities. And do your work on time, you do your work quicker and better. This reduces the pressure of doing work on a given deadline. And hence, reduces stress. 

3.Sleep better

Time management helps you to do work efficiently. More work in less time, and reduces the pressure. And when you have done all the work in a given time. It makes you feel relax and helps you sleep better. 

4.Work-life balance

When you do work on time and gives the right amount of time. For each important work of your daily life. It helps you to balance your both professional and personal life. With time management, you can also enjoy your personal life along with professional life, as both are priorities. 

5.More free time

When you manage your time, you can do more work in less time. And this can also help you free up time in which you can do those things that give you pleasure apart from your work. 

6.Reduce procrastination

We all have this problem. We always leave our work for tomorrow and then to the next day. Because of our laziness and waste our valuable time by doing nothing. Time management helps you to focus on your goals. And helps to work on time and stop procrastinating.  

7.Makes works easier

When you do your work on time. You are more focused on your work and know-how to do any work. More efficiently in a smarter way. 

8.Less distractions

When you do work in an organized way. You do more focus on your important work and get less distracted by unimportant activities. 

9.Get motivated

When you manage your time and do more work in less time. This makes you confident and motivates you to do more work with energy. 

10.More energy

When you are poor at time management. You find less work to do more work and this makes you feel stressed and tired. But with good time management. You could have free time for yourself after all your important work got done. And it makes you feel more energetic to do more activities. 

11.Time for planning

When you do your work in an organized way. You can have more free time in which you can plan your goals and strategies to achieve them. 

12.Improve decision-making

With time management, you could have more free time to think and less pressure. With this, you can do more focus. And can make the right decision after the conclusion for anything. 

13.Helps in becoming successful

When you achieve more things in less time and take more good decisions and have control of your life. It helps you in getting exposure to more opportunities. 

Obstacles in the way of Time Management : 

1.Lack of Distractions:

When we try to manage our time. We always face many distractions like social media, phone calls, sudden visits of guests, television, etc. And gets delayed for our work. Therefore, we should not get bothered by these  distractions  


We often give priorities to the tasks that are neither important nor urgent.  Like, hang out with friends, social media, etc,. And wastes our important time on not so important things and our important works get delayed. Therefore, we should prioritize our important and important work on top of our to-do list. So, that we do not consume more time on less important or not urgent work. 

3. Procrastination

Well, this is the most common hurdle in the way of time management. We often delay our tasks for tomorrow and then on the next day. Delaying at work wastes so much precious time. And we find it difficult to do our work on time. 

4.Wasting time on thinking

When we start doing some work. We often start worrying and thinking about it even before getting it started. This wastes our so much time just thinking without doing nothing. And also get delayed in our work because when we think and worried more about any work. Without even doing anything, that thinking makes us fatigue and we delay that work. 

5.Lack of organization

If we talk about a working environment, or in an organization. If there is a lack of proper task distribution or lack of organizing work. All the work will get delayed and will not get done efficiently and properly.

6.Lack of determination

When you are not determined to your goals or works. You do not take them seriously and delays them and waste your valuable time. And get distracted by various interruptions. 

7.Unable to say “NO”:

Many of us have less courage to say “no” for some tasks to some people. Even though that is not so urgent nor important. For instance, your friend has come to invite you to a party but you have your exam tomorrow. And that is more important and urgent to you than the party. Still, you don’t say no to the party to your friend. As you think it could hurt him and by saying yes for the party then to study for the exam. You wasted your important time. And that’s how not having enough courage to say “no” can also create a problem for you sometimes.  

8.Not control on emotions:

We often get controlled by our emotions and make the wrong decisions. For instance, you have so many important tasks to do but you are not emotionally prepared for them. And you want to do rest whole the time and not doing any work. You prioritize your emotions over your important work. This leads to a delay in your work. 

Consequences of poor time management: 

Time Management Tips And Hacks You Need To Learn Immediately.
time management tips.
what are the consequences of poor time management.
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1.Things may get costly:

Because of poor time management, we often delay in our work and have to pay penalties for getting delayed. Like delaying in paying school fees or other funds. Or when we have to reach somewhere on time, and because of poor time management. We get late for it, we have to pay an extra amount of money to the taxi driver or auto-rickshaw to reach there quickly. But if we were on time. So we could also take the bus and could reach our destination on time with less money. 

2.Things can become difficult

When we have poor time management, we could have to face situations where we have to do more work in less time. And will find difficulty in doing. For instance, you have wasted your whole time on unimportant work and didn’t study. And you have your exam in two or three days. You will find it difficult to cover the whole year’s syllabus in just two or three days and in the end. You would find that you are not well prepared for your exam. As you have wasted your study time on some unimportant works. 

3.Missed opportunities

When you do not value the time, and waste it and delays some important works. You often miss some precious opportunities that could lead to your career growth. 

4.No free time for yourself

When you lack good time management, you often face situations in which you get pressurized due to work. As you have to do more work in less time. Therefore you find less free time for yourself. And couldn’t enjoy yourself with your family, friends. And unable to do the things that give pleasure to you. 

Tips for managing your time: 


We all face procrastination, but we can avoid it with the idea of promoters. For this, set out all the to-do tasks. Make your time table be like, work for  25 minutes[ 1 promodoro], with focus. Then record your progress that if you are successful in doing work for continuously 25 minutes or 1 promodoro with focus. Take a 5-minute break to recharge yourself. Then come back to your work and repeat the same procedure of 4 promodoros. After 4 promodoros, take a long break.  Repeat this promodors tip to avoid procrastination daily. 

2.Make a spend time matrix list:

Make a list of all to-do tasks and manage your time on those tasks. For instance, manage your important and urgent work. Focus on important but not urgent work. Avoid urgent but not important works. And limit those works that are not important nor urgent. 

3.Set time limit:

Set a time limit for your work and then try to complete that work in that time limit. This will help you to do your work quicker and will also save you time.

4.Check on your time:

Have a time check on your work that how much time you are consuming on what work and manage your time accordingly. If you find that you are over-consuming time on not so important work, then start audit your time.

5.Use smart apps for time management:

Also, there are many apps available on smartphones through which you can manage your time. You can make a timetable on these apps. And these apps will give you time to time reminder that what task you have to do. 

6.Make a to-do list:

Make a to-do list and mention all the tasks in it. Capture all the things you want to do in it. Do prioritization of work. Mention your intermediate goals, long-range goals. And governing goals and focus on them. First, try to manage your day,  then a week, and then month to make it habitual. Try to work according to your time table. 

7.Wake up early in the morning:

When you wake up early in the morning you have more time to do your daily works. And waking up early also makes you feel more energetic. And motivated to do more work efficiently. 

8.Focus on one work at a time:

Do one work at one time with focus. Because doing multitasking at one time. Can get you pressurized and can cause difficulty in doing one work properly. 

9.Avoid perfection:

Do not try to do your work perfectly, just give your best to it. Don’t waste your most of the time overanalyzing, even the small things.  


Being on time, and being aware of the importance of time, ensure that we will not get delayed for our work. So, time is very important and we should not waste it. Everyone has the ability to manage time. But the thing is who utilizes the time wisely is more intelligent as managing time. Not just avoid wasting time but also helps in one’s development and growth. We should not delay our work for tomorrow. As we don’t know what will happen in the future.  Delaying of work can give you pleasure today. But can cause problems for you in the future. FINALLY, Start valuing your time, before it is too late, with time management you could have the best of your life.

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