Success Story of Coca-Cola (Net Worth – $84 Billion)

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The Success Story of Coca-Cola is not just a soft drink rather it is a feeling and sentiments of people attached to it. Coca-Cola being the Revolutionary drink has made a special place in almost everyone’s heart. Be it a Function or guest coming to home Coca-Cola is the one Universal drink that is served in almost every house. From supermarkets to small shops in rural areas you can find this beverage everywhere. Further, we’ll see the Success Story of Coca-Cola (Net Worth – $84 Billion)

Although the success story of Coca-Cola in the market there are many other soft drinks available Coca Cola net worth has its own charm and people tend to attract to it. But do you all know how Coca-Cola has become a Revolutionary drink? Today I will tell you the story of Coca-Cola becoming the most famous and universally accepted soft drink.

How John S. Pemberton Initiated The Success Story of Coca-Cola

Success Story of Coca-Cola started in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist John S. Pemberton who produced the Coca-Cola. He worked at Pemberton Chemical company. Apart from being a pharmacist, Pemberton was a colonel in the confederate during the American Civil War. In April 1865 he got injured during the civil war and was prescribed Morphine to get rid of the pain. Excess intake of morphine made Pemberton addicted to it.

So he decided to prepare an alternative without including morphine to fulfill his addictive need. To achieve this he worked in a laboratory experimenting with different pain relievers. After spending hours in the trial he came up with alcoholic wine. He named this drink Pemberton’s French wine coca. This drink contains a mixture of cocaine and caffeine extracted from coca leaves and Kola nut.

Pemberton’s French Wine Coca

In 1885, he registered this French wine. This wine contained a few percentages of alcohol. In 1886 many protests were held against alcohol ingestion. Due to this Pemberton got panicked due to prohibition on the product. Then he came up with a new non-alcoholic drink named Coca-Cola. While making a glass of beverage Pemberton accidentally mixed a base syrup with the mixture of cocaine and Caffeine. This gave birth to the drink of Coca Cola Net Worth.

Coming up with such an interesting and attractive name for the drink was not an easy task. Coca cola Net Worth credit goes to Frank mission Robinson who works with Pemberton as a bookkeeper. The main ingredient being the coca leaves and Kola nut, he smartly fused these two words and named the drink Coca-Cola.

And the Sales Begin

In 1886 The Coca-Cola was first sold at Jacobs pharmacy situated in Atlanta Georgia. At that time one glass of Coca Cola net worth cost five cents. It was sold at Soda fountains. It was very popular among Americans because they believed that carbonated water was good for health.

This belief somehow helps in increasing the sale of Coca-Cola. Pemberton claimed that Coca-Cola was a valuable drink. Coca cola Net Worth has the capability to cure many diseases like headaches, nervous disorders, mental exhaustion, and physical exhaustion. Describing all the above qualities he published the first advertisement for Coca-Cola in Atlanta journal newspaper on 29th March 1886. With the help of increased advertising, the drink became exceptionally successful and widely accepted.

Coca-Cola Company with a new owner

In 1887 Asa Griggs Candler, who was also an Atlanta pharmacist stated that he acquired stakes in Pemberton’s company for $23,00. During this time Pemberton’s company has four stakeholders: Charley Pemberton, Asa Candler, Woolfolk Walker, and Margaret Dozier. Pemberton died the very next year. Now Asa Candler went to buy the shares of other stakeholders of the company. By 1891 Asa Candler finally secured complete ownership of the company. After owning the company, in the next year, he set up his own new company and named it The Coca-Cola Company.

Advertising & Investing

Asa Candler worked really hard on its branding to achieve the Success Story of Coca-Cola. He spent lots of money on advertising. It all contributed to the increased purchase of the product. In the year 1890 Coca-Cola became the most popular drink in America. Till then the drink was available in glasses. But it did evolve later.

On 12th March 1894, Coca-Cola was first distributed in a packed bottle. This generated a unique distribution system that is now accepted by most of the American soft drink Industries. When the company landed in the stock market its one share price was Coca cola Net Worth $40. Under Candler’s leadership sales rose pretty high during 1900. Apart from Asa Candler many investors came and took over the company but the Coca-Cola brand kept its charm in this ever-growing market.

Diversified Packaging of Coca-Cola was seen majorly after World War II. Success Story of Coca-Cola (Net Worth – $84 Billion)

The New Entries, With New Tastes

Apart from producing Coca-Cola the company also introduced many other drinks like Sprite in 1961 and diet cola in 1963. Due to introducing new tastes every time, the company saw a great decline in the sales of the product. So they decided to revive the original flavored Coca-Cola which was then marketed as Coca-Cola Classic. In 1990 new markets were set up for Coca-Cola.

And in 1993 Coca-Cola began selling its product in India. It was widely accepted. They didn’t stop here. The company continued to produce drinks like Barq’s root beer in the US and Maaza, Thumbs Up, and Limca in India. All these drinks are available all over the world. There were times when the company saw a major downfall, some made wrong allegations, but facing all the odds, the company became the world’s number, one soft drink producer.

The company adopted some strategies which lead to the growth of the Coke industry.


1. Selling The Idea

The company mainly focused on selling the idea of Coca cola Net Worth rather than the product. They tried to communicate directly to the people or you can say, the consumer. They generated a desire for the product among consumers. Through advertising and mass production the sales of products increased. The slogan used by the company was ” A drink which restores your health and happiness.” The positive message spread effectively all over the world and now it has become a global brand.

2. Effective Advertising

The companies spend lots and lots of money on advertising the product. It all started in the US and then advertise rapidly in many other countries. They translated the advertisement region to region in order to capture the audience’s attention. They wanted to speak to consumers at a very personal level. This can be considered one of the major reasons why more people are attracted to Coca-Cola.

3. Socialization

The Success Story of Coca-Cola began with social media, being one of the fastest-growing platforms for effective marketing is widely accepted and helps the majority of people all across the globe. In order to spread its sales chain, the company socialized its product on different online platforms. A campaign started namely the ‘share a coke‘ campaign where people share their experience with coke. This step contributed to brand growth.

From this story of coca-cola, we learned that no matter what obstacle comes in our way we should not run away from it. We should find a way to overcome the problems in our life. Just like The Coca-Cola Company when the company was not running at a great pace they tried many alternatives. Finally, with extra effort and never-ending hard work, they made Coca-cola net worth a revolutionary drink that made a special place in everyone’s life, and the Success Story of Coca-Cola (Success Story of Coca-Cola (Net Worth – $84 Billion)) was achieved.

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