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We are having a team of coding enthusiasts graduated from NYU and Stony Brook University in New York with Masters in Computer Science. They work at Microsoft and other FAANG companies as Software Developer and Software Development Lead in these companies. They have successfully cleared interviews at Cisco, Yelp, Bloomberg, JP Morgan Chase etc. Now they are providing technical interview guidance and Behavioral Interviews that play integral part in hiring process.

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The major reason for failure of a startups is that they failed to offer a service which is solving a Burning Problem of their audience. 20% of New businesses fail in the first two years. 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% Businesses make it for more thank 15 years.

A good business idea is when your business is solving a Burning problem of the market and your prices to solve the problem is feasible with your Target customers.

  1. Explain the Burning problem by Market Analysis.
  2. Explain the alternatives people are using to solve that problem.
  3. Explain how your idea will solve the market problem in a feasible amount.