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Reliance JIO Success Story and reliance jio case study, You must have heard of the Green revolution (Food grains), Second green revolution (Protein-rich pulses), White revolution (Milk), Grey revolution (Fertilizer), Golden revolution (Horticulture), and so on. What this revolution signifies? Is it mandatory to move towards a revolutionary stage or it will happen somehow as we live our lives?

Well, the revolution is reliance jio success story the beginning of an era where our old habits of doing things will change dramatically. The way we were producing, consuming, using, and supplying commodities, services, or goods will take a new form, setting up a benchmark for our future prosperity and growth. Throughout our history, all of us have either seen or heard of many revolutions taken place and how these revolutions have changed our standard of lives and how we perceive things.

Now, we have already moved towards a new revolution a few years back which many experts, scientists, or even the general public believe could change the world we live in unprecedented ways. Over the years we have seen the shift in this field and have been more amazed than ever on seeing its remarkable exponential growth rate. The way we connect now and communicate is all thanks to these unimagined measures and initiatives taken by Asia’s richest man, the one and only, Mukesh Ambani. We are talking about the Digital Revolution in the telecom field brought about by the Reliance Jio case study.

How it all Started for Reliance JIO Success Story?

Mukesh Ambani knew that in the 21st-century mobile data is going to be the new oxygen. Every telecom company is competing over on voice call services and developing technology to provide the cheapest call rates to its customers. Every company was earning around 60-70% of revenue from voice calls and because of this price war, it became a saturated market. No one was focusing on data services, for which everyone was charging a high price, which was yet to be explored and grow.

He understands that in the reliance jio success story saturated market the room for growth is in the data services not in voice calls. He then brings in growth hacking technology and invested 2.5 lakh crores in it which was 3 times more than the total investment of Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea.

He created the 8000-kilometer optical fiber cable network which was part of existing fiber optic cabling from Europe to South Asia to Malaysia and to Singapore. This would give Jio a speed of 40Tbps which was 10 times more than Airtel speed i.e. 4Tbps.On 27 December 2015 Jio launched its services for its partners, some celebrities, and employees. It made its way into the public domain completely on 5 September 2016.

As of 31 December, reliance jio case study it became the largest mobile network operator in India and 3rd largest mobile network operator in the world.

How Jio Reliance took a revolutionary step?

There’s no doubt that after launching Jio services, first to the internal members and later on to the entire Indian population, it has brought the next wave of change in the telecom industry. No one had thought that anyone, even having enough resources, could have pulled a stunt like that. After making its official in Reliance Industries Ltd annual general meeting (AGM) Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, and Reliance jio case study Communications share prices took a plunge by 6.4 percent, 10.5 percent, and 8.8 percent, respectively, on the Bombay Stock Exchange. What makes it even more astonishing could be analyzed by its capability to capture the humongous market share in such a short span of time. 

Instant downloading

Before reliance Jio success story every one of us needs to think before downloading a video or watching a show online but in the post-Jio era owing to unlimited data, voice calls, SMS, and free-roaming for availing data services was no less than magic. What seemed impossible yesterday has become a reality now. Earlier we couldn’t even think about watching a whole film online or sometimes even thought of downloading it made us think for hours. But now the time has changed because of the reliance jio case study.

Effect on other players

In the pre-Jio era when Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, and some other market players in the telecom sector were able to capture a large user base the fight was for a voice call. Because of this, we used to pay a good amount of money to enjoy data services. For example; Rs 300 for 1 GB data of 3G or 4G for the month and we had to be conscious before using our data pack for downloading or watching online shows.

But afterreliance jio case study has taken its first step in the market the world begins to change as now we could enjoy 1.5 GB data per day of 4G for 28 days and that’s too at Rs 149. Isn’t it amazing? And that’s not it. Jio later on reliance jio case study also came up with new offers that could give its customer to revel and use data at a nominal cost. Since Jio focused its intentions on providing free mobile services and customer has to pay only for the data the mobile bills which earlier contributed 100s of rupees of payments a month now cost nothing.

Reliance Jio success story customers can now talk anywhere in the country with no charges to be paid. It’s just a fraction of what and how Jio Reliance case study has changed the lives of not just the people connected with them but also their competitors. The latest scenario would be the merger of Vodafone and Idea as they were unable to cope with the new change Jio has brought. Forcing them to merge with each other in order to rise back against the Jio.

Free Jio handsets

At the beginning of reliance Jio success story this unprecedented idea, Mukesh Ambani knew that at that time 4G data usage was limited to only a handful of people and the rest of the population are still dependent on the 2G or 3G handsets. To make his dream come true without any difficulties he started to manufacture a 4G LTE handset called Jio phone in 2017 and offered it for free at the deposit of Rs1500 as security and that too was refundable later on.

Jio also launched Jio fiber that was believed would change the way one does business and conduct it’s a day to day operations. In addition to high-speed internet, telephony, television, and movies, JioFiber also offered additional features for home security, multiplayer gaming, multiparty video conferencing, virtual shopping, and so on.

Social Media engagement

Earlier, we were not subjected to high involvement in social media. There was only limited reach on the social media platform. No one could anticipate that social media could be our new platform to promote, expand, earn, influence, and start its business while reaching the audience worldwide. We can clearly see now how after reliance jio Case study emergence usage of social media marketing has increased drastically.

Unlimited data has given scope to the people who wanted to start their YouTube channels with ease and in no time. Now, there are 100s of YouTubers who are making their presence online and earning as well. Jio has helped 1000s of people to come online and use the power of interest in the best way possible.

Paving the way towards a cashless economy 

With the acceptance of reliance Jio success story as the new network by the customer, it becomes really easy for the BJP government to realize its objective of moving toward a cashless economy. They have taken an initiative to promote digital transactions across the country to make a check on illicit money dealing, money laundering, and helping consumers to pay through an online mode. Jio’s plan has helped the government in this.

Merchant, dealers, suppliers, and retailers can use high-speed data and the internet to take their business online. Consumers can make online payments through different payment modes and relaxed from the worry of taking cash with themselves. Various online payment modes saw a huge growth rate in their customer base also became now people are more inclined to conduct online transactions whether officially or not.

From all these above scenarios we can undoubtedly say that Jio has brought a new format of how to see things in this digital and data-driven world. Mukesh Ambani still has no wish to stop at this stage and continues to bring new innovative designs and offers to please its customer. The company at large has captured a market that is not an easy task for other players to compete with. But still, everyone is trying to increase their reach and attain a dominant position where everything seems to be worthwhile and possible. 

Saying all this, it’s still obvious that to be the king in this price and service war only those will survive whom the customer will show their support and praise to them. And this will only happen when these companies will bring something that takes the guts to stray away out of the pre-defined set of rules or ways and offer value-added service. In the telecom sector what one wants is an error-free network, data at nominal prices, unlimited voice calls and SMS, and some other benefits. If one is able to provide these things their victory is for sure.

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