Reliance JIO Strategy Analysis- 9 Reasons for Success of JIO

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Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis and Reasons for Success of Jio. Today we tend to board extraordinary time wherever everything has gone digital. Keeping this in mind Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani modified the Indian telecom history. Reliance Jio creates its unimaginable entry into the Indian mobile telecom sector with its price leadership strategy. Reliance Jio, which had taken the whole telecom industry by the storm by providing free voice call internet at a less expensive price this creates a big headline in the telecom sector.

Reasons for Success of Jio’s story one among the foremost notorious sibling’s rivalries of recent times, when Mukesh and Anil Ambani for it out for the control of their late father’s business Empire. Through an Idea brokered by their old mother, Mukesh was given management of the oil arm of the business, and Anil was given management to the telecoms power and finance arms, with each holding rights to the Reliance brand. When Mukesh’s Jio went life, Anil’s RCOM was already one of India’s leading broadband providers.

However, by the end of 2016 Jio had already amassed 72 million subscribers and quick forward four years it’s on the point of  400 million subscribers! This relentless group has happened at the expense of all its competitors, large and small, forcing RCOM and other operators either to consolidate their businesses or go beneath. It’s a bit over three years since Reliance Jio Infocomm limited launched service and changed the face of the industry with a large amount of data and voice usage limits. It has been marked by a large spike in data and voice traffic and a sharp decline in consumer spends on telecom.

These Are Some Ways of Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis and The Reasons for Success of Jio:

#1 Ultra-cheaper data

One of the main reasons for reliance jio strategy analysis and reasons for success of jio is that it provides a very good data speed at very low prices. Before the entry of Reliance Jio, data was very expensive and the consumer had to shell out up to Rs450 for 1 GB of data but after the entry of Jio in the telecom industry, it had been initially offering to consumers 4GB of the high speed of 4G data per day however the company had changed its plans after incumbent operators protest. Currently, consumers paid roughly Rs10 per GB of 4GB data so that everyone can get it.

#2 Free voice call

Earlier voice calling rate was an excellent matter of concern for the customers. However, Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis voice calls become free for all consumers across networks once Jio launched the operation. The corporate has aforementioned each local and STD calls will always be free on its network, to any or all networks. Other operators also followed suit and began providing free unlimited local and STD voice calls all over the country to any networks

#3 High-speed reasonable Broadband

Jio can launch the Jio Giga fiber broadband service. The service is reported to offers high-speed fiber broadband service up to 1 Gbps for as low as Rs2000. Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis and reasons for success of jio, India’s telecom regulatory TRAI defines broadband speeds as something on top of 512 kbps or on top of the free internet million of individuals got access to high-speed 4G service and Jio becomes the country’s biggest provider of broadband internet.

#4 Faster mobile data

4G changing into the norm in the market,  considering most of the people were on 3G networks before that. With the introduction of 4G within the market, mobile data speeds have also increased to a large extent. Reliance jio strategy analysis initially had blazing quick transfer speed reaching up to 5MBps and even add in other parts of the country. It also forced other operators to set up their games and provide better speed. Companies like Airtel have been increasing their 4G networks being the fastest within the country.

#5 The launch of 4G smartphones

After the launch of Jio, the demand for a 4G compatible smartphone skyrocketed. Jio only supports 4G VoLTE devices, therefore to be able to use Jio 4G, people are required compatible devices. Nowadays India, no Android smartphones come without 4G VoLTE supports even if it costs as low as rupees 5000. In fact, 95% of the smartphones sold within the country in the first quarter were 4G capable, according to data by IDC and Morgan Stanley Research.

#6 Increase in online streaming services

Affordable and fast 4G data gave the people what they have to stream media contents online without buffering or data cap issues. India saw an associate potential rise in the consumption of online content. Jio claims that it serves 165 crores hours worth of streaming videos on its network every month. The companies on Jio TV app, popular video streaming service YouTube, and subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix Hotstar, and amazon prime video can probably reach a new audience with this while Ditto TV called Jio the ultimate growth hack. Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis.

#7 A record in user acquisition

Jio creates history in the Indian telecom industry. Jio claimed its telecom network had collected 100 million users in less than six months of operation. At the time, chairman Mukesh Ambani had aforementioned this growth is faster than even what global giant such as Facebook and WhatsApp recorded. As of December 2019, it is the greatest mobile network operator in India and also the third-largest mobile network operator within the world with over 387.5 million subscribers.

#8 Sim activation

The SIM activation time that is done digitally now has also come down. Earlier it took one day on an average which creates lots of problems for customers. But now it takes only around 15 minutes to activation of SIM card. This is also one of the reasons for customers to prefer Jio. The results of Jio’s popularity didn’t just mean that the corporate has successfully penetrated the ever-competitive telecom sector of India, however, it creates competition among the telecom services provider. Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis.

It can be said that Reliance Jio 4G is no doubt a Turing point for the Indian telecom communication sector it has not only benefit people from paying high tariff value but has also increased the average consumption of data. The operators did not take consumers for granted anymore and are always trying to offer better and better plans to retain their user base and this is the reason for the success of jio. Reliance Jio Strategy Analysis.

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