How To Use Instagram Hashtags – Strategy for Guaranteed 100% Growth.

how to use instagram hashtags

 How to use Instagram hashtags?. Social media has influenced our major sector or I say every sector. From marketing to news everything is available on it in a very interesting manner. Even the big corporate houses are also giving handsome resources for the development of social media presence. For the individual users, it has become a  matter of pride to have a large no. of followers or likes and that too in a short span of time. 

INSTAGRAM, one of the biggest social media platforms has also its own fan base. Many of its users are more like to learn how we can grow our post through hashtags or how to use hashtags effectively?

Strategies to use hashtags? 

So here it comes to you. In this article, I will provide you some techniques or methods that you should use while posting a post using hashtags. If you use them in a proper manner. I am assuring you that in the end, your post will get maximum growth, and also the motive that pulls you here gets achieved.


1.Research to the fullest :

  • The first and foremost work that you need to do before putting hashtags to your post is research. Research in a suitable manner. Precisely Research on the most common hashtags that your post should include in order to get the maximum audience.  
  • You have to Research your target audience. What do they prefer?  Inserting those hashtags to your post, that most of your audience is engaged with, can definitely lead you to higher reach. Browse those posts that contain your planned hashtags and see what combinations are being used. 
  • Use those hashtags that are narrow in scope because it is more likely to give a better audience. Focus on top brands in your industry and include those hashtags that they are using.  

 2.How to use Instagram HASHTAGS ? 

  • In the research phase, you will definitely be able to get a huge amount of hashtags. Then how to use them, it’s a big question. The number of hashtags that you should use is a maximum of 30 hashtags but some researches have shown that using 11 hashtags in each post is optimal for boosting engagement. 
  • The reality is to use hashtags strategically whether using 11 or 30. Be as specific as possible regarding your hashtags as it narrows down the audience and helps you get a wider audience. 
  • Use special daily hashtags and try to match the combinations to get a separate specific audience. You can also use event-based, local hashtags to grab a higher number of audiences. At least use one branded hashtag in each post to reach your fan base. 

 3.How to hide HASTAGS ? 

  • Keep readers or viewers focused on your emotionally written caption, it is the most common practice to pull down your hashtags so that the reader doesn’t get confused or mixed up with different hashtags and captions.  
  • You should put your hashtags below 4-5 lines from the end line of your caption because Instagram hide captions after 3  lines. So your hashtag will not be visible unless the audience clicks on more buttons. 
  • You can also do add hashtags in the comment section by adding a new comment to the whole post. This will not be visible unless the user clicks on view all comments. 

4.HASTAGS in stories.

To increase the post-growth you can add hashtags to your Instagram’s story. You can add this through text stickers or location tags.

  •  Use of location tags in Instagram stories is an excellent way to promote local brick and mortar business or increase exposure in a specific area. In addition to this use the same hashtags that you used in standard posts. 
  • You can also have a look at those people that liked or followed your posts and take a look at hashtags they use in their posts and stories and then use the same hashtags. It will bring more audience to your post helps in creating high brand reach. 

5. Niche and custom  :


Instagram hashtags are categorized in many different forms and each of them has its own use and target market.

  • Niche Hashtags: Are used to connect with the brand-specific audience. It includes the one most likely to do business with you. To reach a heavily targeted audience you must use niche hashtags to get an appraisal from many customers. 
  • Branded Hashtags: Are unique to your brand and are helps to create brand awareness among many customers. They are like company name tagline or brand identity. Before creating you should search that your chosen brand is not used by someone else. 
  • Use event-based hashtags: that are relevant,  descriptive, short, and easy to understand. Also, don’t target this hashtags in offline promotions as it drives to generate more traffic to your channel. 

6.Build Communities. 

  • To increase brand awareness you can also build communities and reach your loyal customers or through creating a brand awareness campaign that will drive more customers to your brand.
  • To find community-oriented hashtags, do your research and see which Instagram hashtags are mostly used by your target. 

7. Avoid hashtags that are  Banned

  • There are certain hashtags that are banned by Instagram due to community guidelines. There is no list of those hashtags. Instagram has banned those hashtags that are violent, offensive, pornographic, illicit, drug-related,  promoting terrorism in order to keep the platform content in line with the term of use. 
  • To target the audience which doesn’t follow you, stick to clear of illegal, risky, and overly controversial hashtags and avoid those tricks that take you back to these hashtags.

Conclusion :-

 Instagram is a powerful tool to reach a wide range of people. While putting hashtags you must know that finally, it is the content that actually matters. Undoubtedly hashtags are important to create a wider reach for it.  These methods will definitely help you to grow your  Instagram’s post worth and surely let your post to be seen by many users. The hashtags should be used to keep community guidelines in mind.  

I am very much sure that now with the deep research, a well-planned plan, and a good execution you will be able to make most of Instagram’s hashtags to increase your posts growth. 

Fun fact: the most popular hashtags on Instagram are  #love, #instag, #photos of the day, and #fashion.

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