How the Rich Spend Their Days Which Poor People Don’t Know

“How Millionaires spend their day”. Aristotle said, “95 % of everything you do is the result of habit”. People don’t wake up one day to become rich or poor. In fact, there have been several scientific studies to show that the way rich people live is quite different from the way poor people live. If you’re an adult, you already know this… life is tough. Waking up every day is like facing a new battle. Unfortunately, poor people never prepare for their day. They’ll wake up either to the TV, social media or newspaper. Rich people understand that the first thing to do in the morning is to get power for the day and that’s why they listen to or read inspirational books, meditate or listen to inspiring music. Lets start Reading about “How Millionaires spend their day which poor people don’t know”


According to a study, 63% of wealthy people listen to audiobooks during the commute to work vs. 5% for poor people. Tony Robbins calls this “Hour of Power”. Your hour of power is the first hour of your day. You want to invest that hour to get the power for the day. You don’t want to leave your day to chances or going through it with an unmotivated spirit. Try this for 7 days and see what happens. When you wake up in the morning, don’t on the TV or check your social media profile. Pick up a motivational book or play an audiobook for the next 15-20 minutes before you start your day. After 7 days, look back to see how better your days have been and you’ll see that you’re more motivated and happier than before. That’s How Millionaires spend their day and Every hour of their life


According to a study, 81% of wealthy people maintain a to-do list but only 19% of poor people do this. Early Nightingale said “people who set goals achieve more because they know where they are going”. It’s unfortunate but true, more than 90% of people in our world don’t know where they are going. You don’t want to dive through life just getting busy. You want to know where you’re going. Successful people wake up every day to have an idea of what they must get done in the day. Some write this as daily to do list while some simply read out their weekly or monthly goals. That’s “How Millionaires spend their day “by focusing on their goal.


Your life is short and you can only get something out of it if you focus on things that are really important. Setting daily goals or having to do list will get you focused on what is truly important. The reason why people easily waste time is because they don’t set goals. If you set daily goals, you’ll be ashamed of yourself if after the whole day you do nothing to pursue your goal.


According to a study, 80% of wealthy people are focused on accomplishing some single goal while 12% do this. Steve Job talked sometimes ago about his motto for life and it’s; “Focus and Simplicity”. Steve Job did this both for his personal life and for his companies. You’re not super-human. You only have 24 hours in a day out of which you’ll spend almost half sleeping, resting and doing some necessary but unproductive things. Multi-tasking isn’t a strength. It’s a weakness. If you want to go far in life, you’ll have to focus all your resources, time and life on only few things. Sit down and decide few things that are truly important to you and trash every other thing.


According to a study, 86% of wealthy believe in life-long educational self-improvement while only 5% of poor people think this is right. Before Donald Trump became the U.S president the wrote about how he woke up every 3 am to read. Warren Buffet read 80% of his working hours. To get real education which will allow you to be rich and successful, you have to be curious and learn every day of your life. Your degrees aren’t education. It’s paper. To be truly educated, you have to learn anew thing every day. Ask question. Read good books. Listen to good audiobooks. Learn. Improve your mind and your life will be improved. That’s How Millionaires spend their day by learning new things evryday.


The most powerful word in English is NO. People hate to hear it but they need to hear it every day. We hate to say NO to many interesting things in our life but we have to learn how to do that. Becoming successful isn’t easy. It requires a long, long journey of daily discipline. What’s discipline? Discipline is saying NO to sweet or interesting things, if they don’t help us to become better persons. For instance, poor people are almost always ready to spend money on things they don’t need, just because they want to impress others or because they found such thing interesting. Hanging out with friends who add no value to your life, partying simply to enjoy yourself, sitting down simply to gossip etc. are some of the things you have to learn how to say NO to if you want to become successful.


Brian Tracy in his book “Eat That Frog”, Therefore he wrote about the importance of doing the most important thing first thing in the morning. The wisdom behind this is very simple. If you’re like most people, morning is likely to be the most productive time of your life. In the morning, you’re renewed and energized and that’s why successful people spend that time to focus on very important things first. Don’t wake up in the morning to tackle things that are easy. Tackle things that are difficult and important to your overall progress first thing in the morning. “Never check social media in the morning” a similar rule can work for you. If you can do away with the TV, Social Media and News in the morning, you can invest your first 5 hours in the day to tackle truly important things.


Poor people may try new things but they’ll be uncertain about what the result may be. As for the rich, they always and daily visualize success. Because the rich always expect success, they could put more efforts into getting it.


Study has shown that 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day. The same study shows that 77% of poor don’t do meaningful exercise. You see, your health is the most important thing you’ve got. If you lose your health or operate with a low energy, you can’t perform at your best and you can’t succeed or become rich. Watch what goes into your stomach because it determines what comes out of your health.


Study shows that only 6% of wealthy people watch reality TV while 78% of poor people do. How many truly successful people do you know who post selfie on social media every day? You need a low self-esteem to do that and the rich don’t have low self-esteem. We’re not speaking against social media or TV but we think anything that takes several hours from you every day has to be something that makes you a better person. The more entertainment you need every day, the poorer you’re likely to be.


The most popular indigenous website in my country is a gambling website. All over the world, one of the most popular activities is gambling because poor people always expect luck. Well, luck isn’t what you should expect. Luck is what you should go out to look for. Luck is in the bush. Get out and look for it.


In summary, if you want to be rich and successful in life; Start your day with motivation. Set daily goals that will keep you focused Learn every day. Visualize yourself a successful person Say NO to unproductive activities. Don’t multi-task. Focus on few things that are most important. Do the hard things first thing every morning Avoid junks foods so that you’ll be healthy. Avoid spending too much time in front of the TV or social media. Gambling is for the losers. This was “How Millionaires spend their day”

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