Hormones Of Happiness For A Happy Life

Hormones Of Happiness For A Happy Life.
hormones of happiness.

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Happiness is a positive and pleasant emotion or mental state. It is a feeling of joy, contentment, satisfaction. We feel happier when we feel positivity in our minds. Happy people are more successful than those who often live in sadness. And Happy people are good at maintaining relationships with others. They are more helpful. Also do not focus on negativity. They are optimistic. Also, encourage other people to live happily.

Happiness is not just a  mental state but a better way to live life. Nobody wants to be sad in this world, everyone wants to be happy. Some people are sad just because they want happiness, but they forget happiness itself don’t come, but you yourself have to bring it into your life. There are some hormones that are responsible for our happiness.  

Hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in multicellular organisms. They are transported by the circulatory system to various organs to regulate various physical and psychological activities. They are essential for every activity that a human body performs including digestion, growth, mood, reproduction, etc,. 

Happy Hormones are responsible for happiness in living beings. They create happiness by ease the imbalance of neurological activity, remove all the negativities from the mind. And helps in maintaining positivity in mind. They are responsible for positive emotions. There are various happy hormones produced in our body that are responsible for the restoration  of positivity in the mind: 


It is often known as “love hormones” or “trust hormones”. And it is responsible for building relationships, and trust. It helps in increasing self-esteem and reduce stress level and brings positivity. Even low blood pressure. Increases loyalty. It secreted in response to social recognition and bonding. 

Symptoms of lack of Oxytocin: 

1. They often feel sad for no reason and do not share their feelings with anyone as they do not trust anyone. 

2. They consider themselves as non-worthy and think they are good at nothing. As they themselves get demotivated. 

3. They do not easily connect with other people and bad at building relationships. 

4. They often feels lonely and thinks that nobody loves them. 

5. They have low energy and easily get tired. They do not enjoy doing any kind of work. 

6. They avoid friends, relatives, and other people for no reason. And They do not like to communicate with anyone. They disconnect themselves from others. 

7. They are very anxious and lives in depression and negativity

8. Because of negative thoughts and stress, they find difficulty in sleep and often suffer from insomnia. To reduce this happiness hormones are very necessary.

Ways to increase Oxytocin: 

1. People who lack oxytocin should engage in physical touch like cuddling,  hugging, etc,. 

2. They should socialize with others. Should try to make friends and to communicate with them. They should attend social gatherings. 

3. They should have a massage of their body. Physical touch during massage relieves muscles and will help in releasing oxytocin. 

4. They should listen their favorite music and enjoy it. 

5. They should exercise regularly and keep themselves physically fit. 

6. They should meditate because meditation helps in bringing peace in mind and removes all the negativities from the mind. 

7. They should bath with cold water. It will help them in refreshing. 

8. They should express their feelings and compliments for others. 

9. They should play with their pets and kids. 


Its larger amount secreted in our stomach and intestines. It plays an important role in digestion. Also known as “feel good” hormones. It is involved in the regulation of different behaviors like sleep, digestion, aggression, etc,.  Helps in reducing stress and feeling happy. It is known as “mood stabilizer”. 

Symptoms of lack of Serotonin: 

1. People who lack serotonin often feel very anxious or nervous. And even sometimes they get panic attacks. 

2. They have frequent mood swings. They get angry quickly and even become sad and irritated without any reason. 

3. They feel hopeless and carry negativity in mind. Easily do quit when they feel that there is no hope. They focus more on negativity, and less on positivity. 

4. They avoid social gatherings. And don’t like to meet with people and to communicate with them. 

5. They are very obsessed for their things.  

6. They do not enjoy their work and do it as compulsion. 

7. They find difficulty in sleep and often suffers from insomnia. 

8. They have low self-esteem and are very sensitive. 

Ways to increase Serotonin : 

1. People should exercise daily. 

2. They should spend some time in sunlight and enjoy sun bath. 

3. They should take cold shower. 

4. They should have a body massage. 

5. They should go for running in the morning and evening also. 

6. They should go for swimming.  

7. People lack with serotonin, should also do cycling. 

8. They should also meditate.


It is also known as a “reward chemical”. Helps in increasing the level of pleasure. It increases your self-esteem. Also motivates you to achieve your goals and desires. It increases your determination of power. Also helps in learning new things. The hormones of happiness allow you to enjoy your work. It helps to increase the level of energy and enthusiasm. 

Symptoms of lack of Dopamine: 

1. People who lacks dopamine, have low self- esteem. 

2. They are less motivated.

3. They have low energy and they easily get tired with any work.  

4. They possess negativity and easily loses hope. 

5. They are very nervous and sensitive. 

6. Their moods changes frequently. 

7. They usually procrastinate their work and are very lazy. 

8. They cannot concentrate properly. 

9. They do not enjoy their work. 

 Ways to increase Dopamine : 

1. To increase dopamine, one should perform exercise and meditation daily. 2. They should make a to do list and a time table and try to work accordingly.

3. They should focus on their long term goals and should try to achieve them.

4. They should have a healthy and balanced diet. 

5. They should listen their favorite music and dance. 

6. They should do some creative skills like drawing, writing and whatever they  are interested in. 

7. They should motivate themselves by celebrating every single and small  achievements. 

4. Endorphins

It is also known as the “pain-killer” hormone. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Responds to pain and releases euphoria to mask physical pain.  Endorphins help in the regulation of pain, stress, and mood

Symptoms of lack of Endorphin: 

1. People who lacks endorphin, feels anxiety and depression. 

2. They suffers from body aches and pain. 

3. They find difficulty in doing work because of tiredness and pain in their body. 

4. They suffers from insomnia. 

5. They are very aggressive and get irritated quickly. 

6. They have mood swings

Ways to increase Endorphins : 

1. people should do some creativity work, like painting, writing, art and  craft work, etc,. 

2. They should enjoy music and dance.

3. They should have dark chocolates. As dark chocolates are helpful in  reducing physical pain. 

4. They should perform stretching exercise, yoga and should meditate.

5. They can also have body massage to relax their muscles. 

6. They should do laughter exercise because laughter helps in reducing stress. 

7. They can also enjoy comedy shows. 

8. They can also have some spicy food. 


Hormones of happiness are responsible for well-being. They are helpful in increasing pleasure Reducing stress and helps in maintaining a positive mood. These hormones help in regulating positive normal behavior. As life is so fast and stressful today, reducing positivity in our life. These happy hormones help to restore the positivity and pleasure in us and help us to live a happy life. Imbalance in such happy hormones can bring sadness in your life. And it cannot be readjusted easily. So it is important to be aware of it. And implement the changes in your lifestyle and behavior. That is necessary to increase these hormones for a happy and healthy life.

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