ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE | A Way Of Living A Happy Life

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE | A Way Of Living A Happy Life.
attitude of gratitude.

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Gratitude is a positive attitude or attitude of appreciation towards the favors or blessings of life. It is not just an action that we do. But a positive emotion that comes from the heart. Gratitude is all about being thankful. For the good that we receive in our life. It is a positive response, a moral sentiment. It helps us to value the things that are meaningful and good for us. Gratitude is something to focus on “haves”. Instead of complaining of “have nots”. Gratitude is the acknowledgment of the benefits that one has received or will receive. 

attitude of gratitude.

When we start an attitude of gratitude, we experience more happiness in our life. When we start being thankful for all the blessings that we have. We stop complaining about the things that we are lack. People who express gratitude in their lives. And are happier and more satisfied even in difficult times. They feel positivity in their lives. But people who do not express gratitude are often less happy. And always complains about the things, they do not have. They feel negativity and never be satisfied. No matter how many blessings they have. As they have ceased to appreciate the goodness in their lives.

 Keep Away from Negativity.

attitude of gratitude.
keep away from negativity.

Gratitude not just makes you happy but also helps in building social relationships. An individual who expresses gratitude towards someone for their favors, makes another person feel more positive towards them. And makes a comfortable bond for both and makes a strong relationship. When you express appreciation to someone. The other people will also get motivated to do more better. Gratitude also helps you to live a happy life. When you start appreciating every small or big goodness in your life. It leads to a happy life and a happy person. And focus more on positivity instead of the negativity that helps in leading a healthy life. Gratitude is that good quality that springs from where soul. 


1.Improve mental health:

attitude of gratitude.
benifits of gratitude.

Gratitude reduces toxic emotions. Such as hatred, frustrations, regret, negativity, etc. From the mind and helps in bringing more positivity and happiness. By reducing depression that is good for mental health. 

2. Lower the level of aggression:

attitude of gratitude.
lower the level of agression.

People who express gratitude are more social and kind to others. Even with the people who are rude. They are more sensitive and mature and do not believes in taking revenge. Nor likes to argue or fight with others on any matter even when they targeted by others. 

3. Better sleep:

better sleep

Before going to bed, spending some minutes to count all the goodness or favors of all the day makes you feel more positive. And gives  your mind mental peace that helps you to sleep well. 

4. Improves self-esteem:

building self esteem

People who express gratitude, are less believes to compare themselves with other. They appreciates others and themselves too. For their achievements and capabilities. 

5.Improves physical health:


People who express gratitude are more likely to engage in physical activities. And aware of their health and take care of it. They have a stronger immune system and a high level of energy. 

6. Helps in being optimist:

choose to be optimistic it feels better

People with an attitude of gratitude behavior, always focus on positivity in present. Learns positive lessons from the past. And hopes for the positivity in future. They are optimistic in every situation even in the most difficult times. 

7.Improves social relationships:

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When people express gratitude towards each other, they feel more comfortable and connected. And it helps in making their bond strong. 

Ways To Incorporate the Attitude of Gratitude In Our Life: 

attitude of gratitude.
Ways To Incorporate the Attitude of Gratitude In Our Life.
  1. Keep a diary to write all the blessings of each day. Make it a habit. When you do it so daily, at the end of the day you will be aware of all the positivity that happened throughout the whole day. And you will feel more thankful for everything. 
  2. Pray to God daily and thank you for every blessing that you have received. And ask for goodness in the future. 
  3. If someone has done something good for you so remember them in your prayers. And thanks to them mentally for their favors. 
  4. Try to be positive even in bad times. When you are facing difficulties,  don’t forget all the positive things that happened before. Instead of focusing on difficulties, try to find positivity. 
  5. When someone did well for you. So don’t be late to thank them for it. Just write down a thank you note for them. Or may go directly to them to thank for everything they have done for you. 
  6. Start gratitude from your family. Thank your parents, your siblings, and other family members for the things they have done for you.


The attitude of Gratitude provides you all the happiness that you truly deserve and want in your life. We always complain about what we don’t have. And put less focus on the blessings that we have. The blessings that we don’t appreciate, are often asked by some people who lack them. Some people desire the blessing that we possess. But we don’t even thankful for those favours. We have so many blessings like good health, beautiful nature, relationships,  love, money etc. But we don’t appreciate them but always cry for the things that we lack for.  

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Gratitude helps to live a happy life. We all should make this point in our mind. That life doesn’t always fulfil all the desires that we want. So if we don’t receive those desires. We should not be sad but should be thankful for the things we have. Our happiness in our hands, if we start appreciating the good things. We would less likely to regret and will be happier. And satisfied but if we don’t appreciate the blessings that we have. We will never  be happy and satisfied.  

Be thankful for what you have.

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We should always be thankful for the blessings we have. For example, if we have a house to live in, no matter small or big. We should be thankful for it because some are lives on the footpath and lack shelters. Many people are dying because of thirst and hunger, but if you have food and water. Then you are really lucky. Some people even don’t have the minimum clothes to cover themselves. And we people, whose cupboard is flooded with clothes.  Even then we complain that we have no clothes to wear.  

Just think about the army officers who reside on borders and serves the nation. No matter how the weather is. And we people who are enjoying AC, complain about how hot the weather is. We often complain about the bad things that happen in our lives and wish to die just because of some problems.  Just think about the patients who are suffering from severe diseases and have less time to live. Even then they wish to live more. Every second, no idea about how many people die. But if you are still alive then be thankful for it. Ok, let’s take an example of the coronavirus pandemic. During this time when millions of people are affected by this virus and many of them have died. Even if you are still not affected by it, so be thankful for it. It is not a small thing but a great blessing. 


attitude of gratitude.

Everyone has problems in their life. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop counting the blessings we have. People who show gratitude,  appreciation. For the benefits they have, are happier, helpful, forgiving, and kind. Being grateful doesn’t always mean that you possess everything. But it simply the awareness of the blessings. We all have the ability to incorporate gratitude. So let’s take the initiative to express gratitude in our life. Even for small things and live a more happy and positive life.

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