6 Toxic Behaviors that Push People Away & How to Improve


6 Toxic Behaviors that push people away and how to improve it? Toxic behavior traits are the way we behave makes a big difference and speaks a lot about our personality. We all have had acted in toxic ways from time to time. But the ones who are aware and pay close attention to their behaviors lead to personal development. In this article, we’ll see about 6 Toxic Behaviors that Push People Away & How to Improve.

Toxic behavior that push is something that pushes people away from you because no one wants negativity and toxicity in their lives. Doesn’t matters if it occurs rarely or usually, toxic behaviors have a huge impact on our lives. It will snatch away the happiness and success of your life, something which we all want to change the toxic behavior traits. When we act or behave negatively, we attract even more negativity to our lives and we don’t want that, isn’t it?

So what can be done is recognizing those 6 toxic behaviors that push people away and changing them to positive ones. This change will ultimately carve a path to a happy, successful, and prosperous life which we all want. Right?

This Article Presents 6 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away And How To Change Toxic Behavior Traits. Also, it will tell you how to recognize the 6 toxic behaviors that push them and change them. Happy reading!

1. Being Jealous of People Around Us

Jealousy is one of the 6 toxic behaviors that push people away from that when we count other’s blessings instead of ours. When we focus on what others have and cry about the same, it is jealousy. There’s nothing attractive and appreciating in this behavior.

How to Recognize It

Whenever you observe yourself getting sad over others’ victories or achievements that’s when you are jealous and count one of the 6 toxic behaviors that push people away.

What Can be Done

What you can do is focus on yourself. Count your own blessings. Be grateful for what you got and all the little things in life. You can also try penning down the things that you are grateful for. It will surely make you delighted.

2. Taking Things Personally

People will always have opinions about us. Be it negative or positive. Taking those opinions personally means letting other’s opinions about you affect you.

How to Recognize It

When an opinion of another person takes control over you and affects you mentally that’s what means taking things personally.

What Can be Done-

Take into consideration that the only opinion that matters in life is your own! Don’t pay heed or worry about what other people think about you. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Never let an opinion take charge of you. Don’t get affected by it and be happy with yourself. What you think about yourself should be given utmost importance which improves the toxic behavior traits.

3. Collecting Pains and Losses

We all face hurdles, pains, and losses in our life. That is what life is about, it’s a journey of ups and downs. But, what’s not great is to keep holding these things in your heart.

How to Recognize It-

When you start identifying yourself because of your pains and losses that means you are collecting them. This should not be the case. We must allow us to let go of these losses and pains from our lives.

What Can be Done

Clear your mind and let go of all the negative past that you had. It is surely easier said than done, but one must always try, especially when it is for your own benefit. Do not allow these bad things to define your entire life. These are just little phrases that come every now then. Because my friend, there is always calm after a storm. So make sure not to give your pains and losses importance in your life.

4. Obsessive Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is fine but too much negative thinking is harmful. Like it is said, “Excessive of everything is harmful”. People do not like to be around someone who is pessimistic in life since that brings negative energies.

How to Recognize It

When you see yourself adding negative thoughts to every situation that happens when you are a negative thinker.

What Can be Done-

One must refrain from thinking negatively and start having a positive outlook on life. You can read the book “Power of your subconscious mind” or “Power of Positive thinking”, it will help a lot. Also, remember everything happens for good. When you start believing this, then you will automatically start finding positivity in everything around you.

5. Lack of Emotional Control

Inability to control one’s emotion is a major turn off. Getting angry or bursting out about things that are not even important is a sign of a lack of emotional control.

How to Recognize It

Whenever you observe yourself getting angry about small issues and scolding another person for a minor mistake that’s when you are lacking emotional control.

What Can be Done

When you start feeling angry and irritated try to take a break. Go outside in some fresh air or be alone for a while. Think about the toxic behavior traits situation and then take the decision. You can also try penning down your thoughts. Or if nothing helps, then try attending anger management classes.

6. Need For

Constant validation: People who make efforts to get validation from people around you are a major turnoff. One must know that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. All you need to prove anything is to yourself.

How to Recognize It-

When you try to mold yourself according to the way which others think is right that is when you seek validation. When you try to impress others and try to be in other’s good books that is a lack of self-satisfaction.

What Can be Done-

You don’t have to be in anyone’s good books. You can’t impress anyone and everyone. So just be you and believe in yourself. Be satisfied with who you are. Change only when you want to change, not one other want you to change.

So, if you think you have seen any of these toxic behavior traits in you then try to change it. It will be beneficial for you. Know that you don’t have to feel ashamed about it because you are not alone in it. Recognizing this behavior is the first step and then changing it is the next, and since you came to read it, you definitely want to change. You’ll surely succeed. That was all about 6 Toxic Behaviors that Push People Away & How to Improve.

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