10 Worst affected Countries by COVID – Ranked by their GDP

Impact of covid on world economy, Countries ranked by their GDP

We all are well aware of the ongoing distress due to coronavirus or better known as COVID-19. A  disease thought to be merely the flu took a very ugly turn quite quickly. Stereotypically said to have emerged from the city of Wuhan (China). And having genetic similarity with the coronavirus in bats, we are yet to actually find the origin of the virus. Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP

Reported in late December of 2019 by China to the World Health Organization. It took them a few months to recognize it as a high global risk. The organization declared it as pandemic on the 11th of  March, 2020. Since then the cases have increased in a large number. And the people being affected by the noble coronavirus went straight up to millions. Since  COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic it has not only affected people physically. But also mentally, emotionally, and economically. 

Which also meant shutting down businesses,  offices, shops public transportations, etc., temporarily. Shutting down these obviously affected a lot of people. Companies started to fire their employees to save money, a lot of people lost their jobs. And had no source of earning for months.  This not only put a dent on people’s lives but also affected the respective countries, economically. The cases under COVID-19 are increasing rapidly. A lot of people who have shared their ordeals say that it was a near-death experience. And very painful for them to go through this sort of situation.

The total number of cases under COVID-19 has crossed 25 million. But also, 15 million people have recovered and the deaths are restricted to 875 K till now. 

We are listing below are a few countries who were hit the hardest by COVID-19.

 United States of America (US)

The US is allegedly the country hit hardest by the  COVID-19. There are more than 6 million cases in this country alone. Around 3.8 million cases had outcomes out of which more than 3.6 million people recovered. Around 4.2 million people died making it a 5% death and  95% recovery rate. US Tops the rank in the list of Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP

Apparently not a lot of citizens are taking the situation very seriously. And think of COVID 19 as a  mere hoax and conspiracy of the government. Few people even are protesting against the compulsion of wearing masks terming it as a breach of Human  Rights. The rate of unemployment has increased from 3.5%  to 14.7%. The GDP forecast was predicted to have a  fall at a rate of 38% annually in the 2nd quarter. And to not regain the level of Q4 until 2022.


2nd Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP, India recently fell into the list. As the country has the second-highest active cases. Due to its enormous population, it became tougher day by day to maintain and follow designated rules. In terms of cases, India has around 4.2 million cases to date. 79% of cases had an outcome making it  3.36 million, out of which approximately 3.25 million people have recovered. And around  71.6K people died due to Covid-19. Making the death rate 1.7% and the recovery rate around 98%.  Although the virus is spreading very quickly, the death rate is relatively low. 

The months of March, April, and May have been especially tough for the migrant workers in  India. With no work, money, and place to live, workers emigrated back to their villages from big cities in large numbers. Most of them barefoot walked thousands of kilometers. The GDP figures released by The Ministry of  Statistics, on 1st September 2020. Shows a contraction by 24% in comparison to the same time period in the previous year. 

The rate of unemployment rose from 6.7 %. As of the 15th of March to 26% by the 19th of April. And then dropped back to pre lockdown levels by June. Around  45% of households have reported a drop in income in comparison to the previous year.


Brazil is at rank 3 in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. The cases in Brazil has surpassed 4 million. Approximately 3.32 million people have recovered and deaths are around 127 thousand. This means, out of 4.14  million cases, 82% had an outcome. Out of which the recovery rate tends to be 96% whereas the death rate tends to be 4%

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been predicted to decrease by 5% in 2020 as of August  28th, 2020. Although the figure, which apparently remained stable during the first six weeks of the year at 2.3%. Decreased drastically until the 12th of June. 


The country Russia stands fourth in the list of countries with the highest cases. Russia ranked 4th in the list of Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. Out of the reported cases, only 66.7% of cases had any outcome. With a recovery rate of 97 %, the total recovered cases round-up to be 843 thousand. Besides, around 18,000 deaths i.e. 2% death rate. The country’s 4% taxes rely on the oil and gas sector. 

For instance, the rate of the jobless population stands at 6.1%. The GDP has dropped down to 1.3% from 2.3%. Amidst this, it has come out to be the first nation to perform. And complete the clinical trials of the COVID-19/corona virus vaccine on human beings. And the results claim to have proven to be medicinally effective as per the reports.


Peru is at rank 5th rank in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. There are more than 690 K cases reported in this country. Around 534 K cases had outcomes out of which more than 515 k people recovered. And around 29K people died making it a 5.5% death and 94.5% recovery rate. Peru stands fifth on the list.  There is a major problem with healthcare systems and many people are finding it difficult to feed their families. Without continuing to work  (unofficially) and risk their health in the process. This situation has triggered a food crisis in the nation. A survey found that 14% of families were unable to buy food mainly due to a lack of financial means.


Columbia is at rank 6th in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. The nation has around 667K cases to date. 80.87% of cases had an outcome making it 539 K. Out of which approximately 518 K people have recovered and around 12 K people died due to  Covid-19. Making the death rate 4% and the recovery rate around 94%. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Colombia’s economy has contracted to 20.06% in April. In comparison to the same month last year, making it the largest fall in its records. Tertiary economic activities account for 67% of the economy, made up of public services. Transport, tourism, restaurants, accommodation,  and bars, the sector shrank 9/2% according to records.

South Africa

S. Africa is at rank 7th in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. South Africa accounted for 639 K cases overall. Out of which around 579 K cases had any outcome. With a recovery rate of 97% around 564  K people recovered. Also, 15 k people died making a  death rate of 3%. There has been a forecast of a 0.20% decline in economic growth in 2020. 1.00% in 2021, and  1.60% by 2022.

Therefore, the nation is continuously struggling with multiple crises and doesn’t possess the capability to recover on its own. South Africa entered recession in the last quarter of 2019. 


Mexico is at rank Mexico 8th in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. It has an estimated number of reported cases to be 634 K. The total number of cases with an outcome has been counted to be 509.5 K. With a recovery rate of 87. 442 K people recovered and with a death rate of 13%, 67.5  K people died. The death rate in comparison to other countries on the list is a bit high. 

Half of the population in Mexico works in an informal economy i.e. with no social or health benefits. Similarly, more than a million people have lost their jobs. The prediction says that the overall economy might face a downfall of 13%. Which doesn’t even take account of the informal sector?


Spain is at rank 9th in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. There are more than 499K cases reported in this country. Around 179.5 K cases had outcomes out of which more than 150k people recovered. And around 29.5K people died making it a 19.5% death and  80.5% recovery rate. The death rate is pretty high as compared to the rest of the listed countries. 

There was a shrinkage of 18.5% In the Economy in the months of  April-June. And already fell by 5% in the first three months of 2020. Apparently, Spain is performing the worst in the  Eurozone, with a decline of 12.1% in overall GDP. The services group including transport, accommodation. And restaurants faced a heavy loss of 50% in the first half of the year. 


Argentina is on the last rank in Worst Affected Countries Ranked By Their GDP. It accounted for 479K cases overall. Out of which around 356K cases had any outcomes. With a  recovery rate of 97% around 349K people recovered. And around 10k people died making a death rate of  3%. One of the world’s biggest producers of food products like wheat and soy is facing a major hunger problem. The percentage of the Argentine population in poverty is expected to shoot up to a massive 45% this year. As the pandemic situation worsens a heretofore grave economic crisis. However, as soon as the initial cases were detected, the country went under curfews. Plus lockdowns causing a 50% inflation, difficulty in accessing credit, and overwhelming debt. It is seen to be the worst crisis in two decades. 

The World Bank predicts a contraction of 7.3% in Its GDP this year. Deprivation among the indigenous population and child poverty is increasing at an even faster rate.  As we look into the matter, we can conclude that we are facing a huge problem. Which must be taken very seriously. If we are privileged enough we should and must help the people. Who are not as much privileged as we are. Hence, the world is not only suffering in terms of health but also economically.  It is very essential to maintain our physical and mental health in this time of crisis. 

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